Hello! My name is Sarah, Welcome to The Life We Dream Of! I believe that if we can dream up the life we want, and set the goals we want, we can achieve anything. As you and I both know dreaming is not action, but it is the first step. I created this blog in order to motivate and inspire people, as well as talk about things that I like that my interest others. Some content might be feel good, filled with how to’s or Top 3,5,10;  while some will be more reflective, harsh even, to show the more realistic side of life. I hope this will bring a sense of balance to you, my fellow readers.

Aside from that, I am your average girl from Canada. Even though I do not have as much life experience as others, I want you to see this blog as a growing process or a journey that we can both take together.

I have always been passionate about lifestyle, self-help, politics, history and making a difference in the world. If anything I just said interests you then take a moment to check out my blog and feel free to leave me feedback or any advice you might have for others, that you wish you would have known.

I know we’re going to do great things together, and I know you are going to succeed in life, whatever the definition of success means to you. Would you like to know how I know? I wish I could say it is a sixth sense, but really it’s the passion and determinism you have inside of you, even if you can’t find it right now, I know it is there.

I hope this blog inspires you, motivates you or makes you think, either way, I’m happy!

Have a wonderful day!