How I Plan my Semester

A new semester or term has started for a lot of students, who have still not gotten over the mental and emotional drainage that was last semester. But regardless we need to restart, push forward and do our best! So here are just a few things I do at the beginning of the semester to make sure I start off on the right foot.

The moment you receive the course syllabus, go through it thoroughly. Read it back to front and every word, as many professors will remind you this is a contract between you and professor, minus the lawyers. But still, if you have any issue throughout the semester this syllabus/contract will be referred to you. Also at the same time look at important dates that you will have assignments or essays due, and the date of your test and exams. This is going to help you know what is coming up and what you are in for.

Then look at if there are required books or textbooks for the class. Before running to your school bookstore, in which the prices of the books will surely give you a heart attack, check online. See if you can find an e-book version or a Kindle version. Sometimes even if you go to Amazon you can find it a few dollars cheaper than if you bought it from your school. Or go the classic route of buying used textbooks, trust me you save a lot of money.

And my last tip is that you can’t procrastinate at the beginning of the semester. Chances are, you will procrastinate all the reading that you should be doing. If you don’t think you don’t have any, please go back and look at that course outline. The thing about university or college is that there is always something to do, and if you are not doing something, then you are procrastinating it. But eventually, you reach a time when there is too much to do and absolutely no time. Don’t you wish you could not go through that anxiety and stress? Well then start being proactive and doing your work from the beginning. I’m not saying it will take away the stress and anxiety but I can assure you it will help.

So, to sum up, read through the syllabus, plan everything out, look for the books at a cheaper price and don’t procrastinate.
Best of luck in the new semester!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


How I Plan My Year

We are now well into 2018, and for some, they have already lost that ‘new year new me’ spirit or are using that fuel to their potential, while others are still trying to get it together. But no matter which direction you are coming from, and regardless of the date on a calendar, you can always plan your year and start off with a clean slate.

Today, I want to take you through a few steps that will help you create a guideline for your year or even a rough idea of what is to come. But before anything starts you absolutely need some form of an agenda! I cannot stress this enough, but agendas will save your life, and take away the everyday stress we get from being disorganized. I am a little extra and use both google calendar that syncs with my phone, and a paper agenda… overboard I know. But having something to write down and plan in, is crucial. It’s a way to get all the jumble that’s in your head out into the world, as well as allow you to tease out the main ideas that were floating around in your head.

Now that you have your agenda of choice, fill in all the important dates you have in the year to come. Whether that be longstanding appointments, birthdays, events etc. At this time, I also like to put reminders on my agenda throughout different times of the year to remind me to make future appointments. For example, my hair will need a trim by may, so in April I will write down a little reminder to book that appointment. Or, if you need to change the oil of your car, write a reminder a few weeks before you want to have it done that you need to book the appointment. This is simply being proactive and planning in advance.

Now, look at your goals for the year. By this point, I hope you have a few, but new ones will and should come up throughout the course of the year, and in that case, just add them in. But the ones you have now need to be broken down into steps. These can vary, but with each step create a deadline, aside from the big deadline you have for reaching your goal. Write them down on your agenda; at the same time come up with a reward that you will give yourself once you accomplish these steps and the goal. For a long time, I just set goals and no rewards and quickly lost the motivation to follow through with it. By setting deadlines and rewards you are motivating and encouraging yourself to get working.

From goals, let’s hop into resolutions for a few short moments. Goals are concrete and once they are complete, that’s the end of them, you come up with new ones. The thing with resolutions is that these require a lot of work, and don’t have an end goal that you will immediately see. But let’s say that you want to read more, well then plan it out. Plan what books to buy, when, how many, how much will it cost etc. this will help you achieve the resolution of say, reading 2 books every month. Resolutions can easily be incorporated into our daily schedule, and getting it to become a habit takes commitment and planning.

A subsection of these goals can be financial goals. Maybe there is a trip you want to take by a certain time, maybe you need to save up for school, or maybe you just want to save money. What you can do is see how much of your income per month you will need to save, to save a target goal at the end of the year. Say you want to save $1200 by the end of the year, and after you look at your monthly income, you realize that you can do that if you put aside $100 a month. Write this down, write down your saving budget, your spending budget, and how much you are saving along the way.

I hope these few tips inspire you to get cracking on planning the new year.

Dream big and Plan big.

Have a wonderful day!

The Spirit of Christmas

Ever since I was young, Christmas has always had religious aspects, and growing up with those ideas reminds me why we celebrate Christmas every year. But today I wanted to talk about the side of Christmas that is a consequence of gathering for this religious holiday. This is an excuse to set aside time and be with the ones you love. Stores close, and society, in general, slows down, because we all know that this one day of the year is meant to be with family and friends.

Yes, there are toys and presents, and consumerism tied to Christmas, but I find that to be a harsh and skeptical view. When I buy gifts for someone, there has been a lot of effort and thought that goes into it. It does at the end of the day show you care, and how you perceive this person and what they mean to you. This doesn’t mean that the gift must be multiple things, or expensive, but really it is all about the thought.

Or when we cook Christmas dinner, and we make sure to have certain dishes on the table because they are a tradition. The dishes on the table represent the traditions we have had for years, the food we eat and the way its prepared represents our culture, the thoughts behind the gifts show that we care. Being together shows us that family is the most important thing at the end of the day, either the blood family or the ones you choose to have in your life.

Christmas is also a time for giving, and showing people that they are not alone, and that people will help them. It’s about realizing that you have a lot more than other people and that you are lucky and privileged to have what you have. And those who do not have as much, deserve to have exactly what you have. So, we give and lift their spirits.

But most importantly Christmas is a time of hope. A time where society comes together and realizes that they can do better, that helping is needed and is a good thing. The Spirit of Christmas is different for everyone, to me, it means traditions, family, culture, fun, thoughtfulness, giving and hope.

What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?


Favorite Christmas Movies

To start off 12 days of blogging, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite movies. I am sure you have seen many of these, but if you haven’t, I suggest you grab yourself some friends and family, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and watch a few Christmas movies throughout the month!

Without further ado, here is my favorite Christmas movie!

  • Elf
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • Eloise at the Plaza at Christmas Time
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • National Lampoons Christmas vacation
  • Love Actually
  • The Holiday
  • Santa Claus (1,2,3)
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

Leave a comment down below if you have seen any of this, and a few of your Christmas movies as well!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Take Care of Yourself

There will reach a point where everything will far apart.

You will probably be neglecting your family and friends, your mental and physical health, essentially your sanity. The universe has probably been warning you that you are headed down this path not-so-great, yet you have been dodging the signs left, right and center.

It’s only when we are physically not in shape, that we can see what is going wrong with our lives. As a student in university, this time of year is crunch time. So, when I became sick a few days ago, I wanted to cry, because I knew that I needed to be on top of my game, and give a 100% to everything, but I couldn’t anymore, physically or mentally.  My body was weak, my head kept pounding, and my nose was a water fountain, and to top it all off I lost my voice.

It was at this point that I realized just how stressed out I was and had been for the past few weeks. I noticed how I had not stopped, either between work, school, and homework, since the end of summer. There wasn’t a day without a long to-do list, or somewhere to be, or homework to do. For those few weeks, all I did was go through the motions and just kept pushing myself, which apparently took a toll.

So yesterday after much negotiation with myself, I did absolutely nothing. I sat in bed or on my couch all day and watched movies. I forgot how good it felt to do nothing, and just shut off my brain.

We are constantly on the go, and when we are not, we find ways to fill up our time. But that takes on you, mentally and physically. If I did not get sick this week, then I know that I would’ve gotten sicker later, and it would have been worse.

Getting sick even though it isn’t the greatest, was a wake-up call to how I’ve been taking care of myself. And how if I don’t slow down or stop every once in awhile, there won’t be much of me left.

So please, take a break. I know its hard to find the time, but eventually, your body will force you to. Don’t exhaust your body or your brain, take care of them. Take care of yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

A New Path for The Life We Dream of

The life we dream of encompasses many things. It encompasses money, budgeting, lifestyle, food, makeup, music, politics, world events, choices, motivation and inspiration, and every aspect of life you could possibly think of. The life we dream of is extremely complex, and here on this blog, I want to explore the complexity that life brings with it. I want to explore everything in the world and create a balance of all the things that encompass life (see very long list provided above). Because the life we dream of isn’t just motivation, it’s about what happens when that motivation gets put into use, and how it causes a chain reaction. Lifestyle isn’t just about décor or fashion, it’s about people creating businesses, following their passions, having an impact on everyday society. Politics and world news affect everyone, down to an ant. Everything that I have already talked about goes a lot deeper than what meets the eye; looking at what meets the eye is a lot easier to do than to look at what’s going on.

I want the life we dream of to look at the bigger picture and focus in on the specifics. But I find that it is so important to look at what lies behind everything, and the information we keep ignoring. By having that information, you will be able to make better judgments, decision, choices. You will be able to see the complexity that goes into everything that is presented to us. You will be able to see the good and the passion behind these complexities. And most importantly, I hope you will find the complexity of yourself, and how it should not be a daunting or awful discovery, but rather the thing that makes you human, interesting and amazing.

The Life We Dream Of, is going to be on a new journey down a new path. I want to show you that there is so much more to everything you are doing, and everything that is happening around you. That doesn’t mean I am going to ditch the motivation, and favourite books or quotes posts, because I do enjoy writing those. But I will pay more attention to what they mean to me and what impact they have. And I will start writing more about things that I feel confident about, and put more energy and time into each blog post.

I absolutely love this journey I am on. I created this blog just at the right time in my life when I needed it most. I still need it and do not plan to let it go. Which is why I want to put more of my energy into it.

I hope you have been enjoying the blog so far, and stick around to see where it’s going to go! Leave a comment down a below with any suggestions or things you want me to talk about!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Small gestures

Small meaningful gestures can make a person’s day…

Sometimes it can be a hug, or a smile, or even a little pep-talk. Sometimes buying them their favourite hand soap, fuzzy socks, or a book they’ve really wanted, can change turn around a bad and crappy day, into a not-so-crappy and bad day.

We don’t always have to do things in grand gestures and make it known to the entire world. Sometimes its more meaningful and special if that special gift or moment is kept quiet and between you and the other person.

Just something I think we should all think about once in awhile… and since the holiday season is approaching, it was just something we need to keep in mind. Not only in this time of year, but every day of the year.

Have a wonderful day!

The Flip of a Switch

We all need those moments to escape from our lives, or even from ourselves… today I needed that badly. Over the last few weeks, I have been anything but myself. I have been lazy, unmotivated, and not bothering with anything. That’s not who I am, or who I want to become; I am usually motivated, driven, and want to do everything and anything. Maybe you are feeling this way also like you are just not yourself lately, it’s weird and different because on the outside you are the same as always. But on the inside, where only you know what’s going on, it seems like an upside mess.

That’s how I have been feeling lately, which is very unusual and probably unlike you too. We both have 2 options, or 2 paths to take let’s say. We can continue experiencing this horrible and weird feeling, or we can sit down and have a talk with ourselves. Many people don’t like being alone with their thoughts, and I understand because sometimes they don’t take the best shape or form, but when we’ve hit this point where our whole lives are being affected, we need too.

I need you to sit down and just be with yourself. Try to pinpoint what situations or events led you to this state of not being you. Recall how or who you were before this weird phase, and think if you want to go back to the person you were, or if you want to start fresh, both are an equally good option. These thoughts that come from sitting down with yourself don’t happen in one minute or even one day. Rather, it’s an accumulation of all the little moments of reflection you have had. Whether it’s that small journal entry where you noticed something was off about you. Or during that walk or metro ride home, where you were just by yourself and listening to music. Or those random moments during the day where you space out and think “What is going on with me?”

Those little moments over time, come together and will lead you to feel this shift. It’s not dramatic or filled with just the right background music and beautiful scenery like in a movie, but it’s like a flip of a switch. Its quiet, fast and you don’t even notice it. You go back to your old self without even really noticing it, and trust me you will be so happy and relieved.

Somehow over time that drive will return, you’ll want to do things, and go places, and get shit done. However, all of that takes time, and you absolutely need to work at it. Yes, it will be hard, uncomfortable, and weird, but when that flip of a switch happens you’ll be glad you went through all that.

Remember, this weird phase you are in is not who you are, its how you get out of it and return or create your true self, that makes you who you are.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!

An Unexpected Result

At the beginning of October, I set myself the challenge of writing 31 blog posts in 31 days.

I did not reach 31 blog posts, and that did disappoint me, and I felt like I had failed myself and the blog. But then I looked at the number of blog posts I did post and including this post I wrote 16 posts.

Some of you might see this as a failure since I only accomplished half my goal. And though that is true, I see this as an accomplishment. I went into this venture, with the mentality that I’ll go through it for 3 days and then dump it just like every other project. Surprisingly, I proved myself wrong, I kept coming back and pushing on. Sometimes my doubt did get the best of me, but I didn’t let it put me down forever. These 16 blog posts are an accomplishment because it helped me learn new things, and see that this is something I want to keep around in my life.

October was also a time I wanted to designate for getting my life back on track, to find myself again, reignite my spark and drive! And that did not go according to plan, or in anyway that I wanted it to… but while everything else around me was crumbling, or floating away, this blog was here.

And I hope you realize that this blog and I will always be here, whether you need advice, comfort, an escape or a good laugh. Creating that sense of community, or creating something that will always be there was an accomplishment. And honestly one I did not expect to happen, but I am sure glad it did!

Just a heads up, from now on, I will be posting on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I can’t wait to see where this will lead me… and I hope you stick along for the turbulent ride ahead, it’s going to be a blast!

Have a wonderful day!

Things Take Time

Whenever I start getting impatient with the universe, I sit down and remind myself that everything takes time. Now I can stress and freak-out during that time of waiting, or I can be calm and trust in the fact that whatever is going to happen will put me on the path that I need to be.

I am going, to be honest, I am constantly waiting for “the one”, or really anyone to cross my path so we can instantly connect and fall in love. Obviously, it’s much more complicated than that, but the basics are what I’ve always wanted. And that hasn’t happened to me, and for the longest of time I put myself down about it. I thought that my hair was too curly, or not curly enough. Or that I was too loud, or too talkative, or not talkative enough. I thought I was ugly and scary, or too bitchy. Essentially, I thought a lot of bad things about myself because no boy had ever paid attention to me in that way. But when they started too, those excuses had evaporated, and I realized that they had absolutely no foundation to base themselves on and that I was perfect just the way I am. Just to clarify, I didn’t need a boy to tell me that, what I needed was a wakeup call to realize that I shouldn’t need someone else to tell me my self-worth.

Okay then after those excuses were crushed, why did I still feel this sense of hopelessness? I then started seeing someone, and it didn’t work out. We were both interested in each other, and we both felt comfortable around each other, so why didn’t it go further?

I don’t have an exact explanation for this, but what I’ve come to understand now that I’ve been removed from the situation, is that we would not have lasted, or even remotely worked out in the long run. We were at different speeds, and at different points in our lives. But then that led me to think, well then why the hell did I waste my time? And I can only guess that the universe was trying to show me what I didn’t want, and that at the time it wasn’t the best decision for me to enter a new relationship. But in the end, it was not a waste of time, because I still enjoyed being around this person.

I’m am not saying to not go after what you want; you should always go after what you want! But in moments like those, I was reminded that I didn’t want that, I just wanted the idea of being with them.

The universe will have everything figured out and act according to your decisions. I could have decided to do certain things that may have thrown me off track, and the universe would have put me right on track again. What I am trying to say is to have faith in the universe, and in yourself. Things take time, and it will work itself out the way its supposed to.

Morning Pages

I started adding something new to my morning routine since it felt like it was time to change things up a bit. I started writing morning pages! I used to do this when I was younger, it was something my mom insisted we had to do for a time. I’m sure you have heard of this before, but if not, essentially every morning before you really do anything else or carry on with your day, you take a few minutes to just sit down and write. The idea is to write in a stream of consciousness style, so whatever comes to your mind without giving it a second thought or judgment. Now I’m not exactly sure about the science behind it but it is said to clear your mind, focus you on the day ahead, and make you feel a little clearer about the clutter in your mind. I suggest doing some further reading on it if you are interested in the benefits. It has also been very useful for artists, or anyone that does anything creative throughout their day, which is almost everyone.

Now from what I read, and from what I remember from doing them when I was younger is that you might get really discouraged. We might jump to the idea to go buy a new notebook for these morning pages (any excuse to buy a new notebook, am I right?), but I say use one you have probably only used half of, and commit to doing it for a week, and then 30 days, and then see the progress or how it affects you. At least, that’s what I am going to try, and ill report back!

I encourage you to look it up and give it a try! I’ll check in after awhile to see what I am thinking of them!

If you practice morning pages or have done it, please leave some advice down below or your experience!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


We Can’t Know What Happens Next

We want to know everything that’s going to happen to us, and we want to know it now. We want our lives to feel complete, we want to know exactly who we are, we want to know when we will meet the one, and we need to know now. We essentially want the answers to the mystery that is our lives, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of living?

Its like when you want to read a book, but someone tells you the entire plot and the ending, why would you want to read the book anymore? Same goes for our lives, if we were born with the plot and ending of our story, what would the point of living be? We would essentially live a life where we know exactly what’s going to happen, which does seem slightly calming and rather appealing, I agree.

But I want you to imagine not having that gasp-worthy moment of someone sweeping you off your feet, or that surprise birthday someone you loved spent weeks planning for you; Or those moments when you accomplish something, and you feel on top of the world. Imagine not having those moments…

Some will argue that at least you would know the bad that is to come. And to that I say, why on earth would you want to sit around with the thoughts of all the bad things that are bad to happen to you?It’ss like if you were to just live in darkness for your entire existence. There would be no purpose for you; you wouldn’t have that tiny glint of hope or brightness to get you through those bad times, therefore you wouldn’t get through them, and you wouldn’t live. At that point you would barely be existing, you would just be going through the motions of a preplanned life.

This might sound very blunt, but its simply to prove a point. We don’t get the right to know how our life is going to pan out. Think of this as the universe trying to make sure you give it your all, you chase after you dreams, and you live as if you did not know what’s going to happen next.

And personally, I think that’s the only way you can truly live: to live as if you do not know what lies ahead.

Knowing what’s going to happen to you, doesn’t bring that sense of calm we all want. We will never have that sense of calmness, because life is not meant to be simply calm. Life is meant to be the rockiest hills you can imagine, with so many twists and turns, beautiful valleys, and unfortunate events lurking near by. But somehow together, all that jumbled mess, can create one beautiful and amazing life that’s worth living for.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Fall Candles

It is officially Fall! With Fall, comes the aspect of feeling cozy, and I had already shared with you all my favourite teas, so I thought that it would be nice to talk about their accompanying friend, candles!

My mom and I are obsessed with candles, even just regular non-scented candles. They bring such a calm atmosphere and a sense of peacefulness. So here are a few of my favourite candles!

  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin by Bath and Bodyworks
  • Coconut by Pier 1 Imports
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Bodyworks
  • Fall Festival by Ashland

I know that scented candles especially have become a trend for fall, but they were always a part of something important in my life. I remember lazy Sunday evenings after the sun had gone down, and the candle would be lit, and we would be reading and just hanging out together as a family. The light from the candle was a nice way to bring us together.

Hope you check out these candles!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Top 10 Favourite Quotes

I thought today I would just share a few of my favourite quotes, that pertain to anything and everything really. Here they are!

  1. “As long as you’ve got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything in this life”-anonymous
  2. “Be the kind of woman that inspires other women to up their game” – anonymous
  3. “She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart” – anonymous
  4. “Surround yourself with people who empower you to be better” – anonymous
  5. “Be the girl who decided to go for it”- anonymous
  6. “It’s not who you are that holds you back, its who you think you are not” – anonymous
  7. “Follow your soul, it knows the way”- anonymous
  8. “You must do the things you think you cannot do” -Eleanor Roosevelt
  9. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist” – Oscar Wilde
  10. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light”—Albus Dumbledore

And there you have it, my 10 favourite quotes! Hopefully one of them struck a chord with you. As you can see they do have an underlying theme of motivation. They keep me going, and remind me not to be afraid to do what I want, follow my dreams, or live my life!

Comment down below your favourite quotes! I am always looking for new ones!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!


We are all going to have those days where we don’t feel like ourselves, we feel gross and unmotivated and could care less about anyone or anything. We need a break from ourselves, and our thoughts, and all that is around us. That’s how I have been feeling for the past week, which is why I haven’t uploaded in a while.

I was feeling unmotivated, sad, lonely, and just out of it honestly. But here’s the thing, no one could tell that I was feeling different, and wasn’t myself… it was more of a mental thing than anything else. I was stuck in this rut of a mindset where if I didn’t do this, I could kiss my entire life behind. I was thinking a lot of negative thoughts, a lot of self-doubts and putting myself down… Mentally it was a tough week, and ultimately a rather draining week.

Yesterday, however, I hit the bottom of this weird phase, I completely gave up. I had an exam today and did not even care that I was unprepared. For me, that’s when I know something is wrong, and that’s when my family started catching on also. I am the type of person that needs to do whatever they possibly can before an exam, to feel prepared for when the time comes to write the exam. But this time, I could not bring myself to study, to care, or to bother. And maybe that was not the greatest decision school wise, but for my well being it was the best thing I could’ve done. I stopped my homework, I went to put on my pajamas and lied in bed, in the complete darkness. It was only 9pm, but I didn’t care, I couldn’t handle anything anymore including myself, so I thought I’ll just sleep it off. And before I fell asleep I remember telling myself: Everything will be okay, this weird feeling will end, you’ll do fine on your exam tomorrow, work on Friday will be fine, your future will be fine, everything will be okay.

I went to bed with that in mind, and when I woke up this morning, I felt less weird. The feeling hasn’t entirely disappeared, but its subdued a lot.

Often, especially when we feel overwhelmed, we don’t know what to do. What I needed to do was reset my mindset. I was in a negative funk, where I thought my life would fall apart or collapse if I did one little thing wrong or out of line. But really that doesn’t happen because what you did yesterday, does not have to affect what you did today. I was a horrible mood yesterday, but I did not let that affect how I am today.

With a clearer mind, I now notice how much of a mess my life was, and how much of a mess I felt like. I don’t like messes (except my closet, it’s just a scary place really), and I especially hate feeling like a mess. Once I realized that, I made a note in my agenda to clean my room and my desk on Saturday morning; I planned out a mini-pampering session on Sunday; I called my friend and made plans with her because I hadn’t seen her in ages and she is the one that you usually bring me back to focus, and I planned. I planned, and planned, and planned as if my life depended on it. I planned what school work to do, my budget for the week, when I work or when I don’t work when things were due if I had any events coming up.

When you feel like a mess, you probably won’t notice that you are one until you yourself have a moment where everything hits the fan. Now being a mess should never be a bad thing, but rather it should be a point where something is not working right, and you need to re-evaluate what’s going on in your life and adjust accordingly.

I recommend, that if you’re not feeling yourself, to go to bed with this intention that tomorrow will be better, and that everything will be okay. Because that little bit of hope that all will work out makes everything better.

I know this was more of a rant than anything else, but I know a lot of people go through these weird phases, and it’s nice to know you are not alone. Don’t worry these phases happen to everyone all the time. You just need to make sure you do whatever works for you, to get back on track of things.


Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Hard Work

What people need to remember, as they often forget, is that hard work is inevitably going to be hard. The concept or idea of hard work often sounds profiting, or even rewarding, but a lot of the time it isn’t. Hard work does not always mean rewards right away or ever. Hard work is just part of the job and part of life. Which sounds discouraging I know, but you need to keep in mind that its the powering through of hard work, and the satisfaction we get down the life is what makes it all worthwhile.

After pushing through endlessly and relentlessly, and not giving up when it gets tough, and going the extra mile, it’s not the end result that matters. But rather its how far we have come, how strong we have become, and just appreciating how strong we really are.

That’s what hard work leads too, not the award at the end, which yes can be a driving component, but its the journey of the hard work that we need to fuel ourselves, and show ourselves just how much we are capable of.


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

A Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday was my definition of a perfect fall day!
I woke up late, after staying up late the night before studying. And decided to lay in bed for a little while longer while I sipped my fall spiced coffee. And on top of that, I had the window open to let in the crisp fall air, and my favourite fall candle from bath and bodywork was burning, and we can’t forget the fact that I was watching Gilmore girls! No fall day is complete without an episode of Gilmore Girls… but that might just be my opinion…
After that I had a relaxing lunch and caught up on my favourite show, Designated Survivor, I planned out my day ahead, and the following days to come, as I will officially be entering the midterm season in university (please send me some luck, would be much appreciated!).
I headed to my only class of the day, which thankfully is one of my favourite classes (if anyone is curious, it’s a Greek history class). Before class, however, I got a cheeky little Starbucks drink to celebrate the fall weather finally arriving, and honestly needed another dose of caffeine. And followed by purchasing a pair of sweatpants with my school’s logo on it so I can tell people I go to my school… plus, they were on sale, and I desperately needed new sweatpants since my other ones all had holes in them.
Once my class had ended, I headed home and saw that 2 books I had ordered from Indigo a few weeks ago (once again if you are curious it was #Girlboss, and You Are a Badass, I’ll let you know how they are).
That was my perfect fall day! I just thought it would interesting to share, and it was just a good day that rejuvenated me and gave me the energy to keep going during the hell that is midterms.
Leave a comment down below outlining your perfect fall day! Or the perfect type of day in your favourite season! I’m curious to know!
Have a wonderful day!

What You All Need to Hear

You need to know that you are completely and utterly amazing.

You need to know that any dream you dream, can and will be accomplished.

You need to know that you are never alone.

You need to know how beautiful you are inside and out.

You need to know that a mistake does not define you, but rather it pushes you in the right direction.

You need to know that this world has enough place for everyone to succeed.

You need to know that what you are contributing to the world matters, and is necessary for the world to keep going.

You need to know that love is all around you, you just need to be open to it.

You need to know that life won’t always be fair.

You need to know that you will face so many incredible, exhilarating, tiring, draining, crazy days and challenges in your life, but I can promise you, they will all be worth it.

Often, we hear this idea that the real world is harsh, unfair, brutal, and beats people down… it does, there is no denying that. But there are moments when those are not the things we need to hear, but what is written above is what we need. That extra push, that little bit of hope, that support, that’s all we need to survive this brutal, unfair and harsh world.

Have a wonderful day!


Today, I want to get you thinking about ambition. Do you consider yourself an ambitious person? Do you surround yourself with ambitious people? I can tell you right now that I am a very ambitious person, but I do not always surround myself with the same type of people. And this is no means a bash towards those who are not as ambitious, you do you. But for me at least, those who are not as ambitious as I am do not motivate, nor inspire me to push further or to keep going when it gets rough.

Say I am in a room, and someone says let’s go for coffee. They do this every day and I know that I can’t afford to go for coffee (not only because I am a broke student, and it adds up after x amount of time a week)  because I have an assignment due the next day. In general, most people will go for the coffee, but the ones that stay behind, the very few, are the ones you want to be surrounding yourself with. They are ambitious, they have goals and they have deadlines to meet, and you can tell that they will be a good influence on you! This is once again not to hate or bash anyone that is not like that, but for me, I need those types of people around me. (Note: I am generalizing, and I am lover of all things coffee, and it is okay to go grab the coffee;

I need to be able to check myself in place and realize that the only reason I am not accomplishing what I want, or let’s say getting the marks that I want, is that I am not pushing myself. I don’t see others working 12 times as much as I am, and don’t want to even try them. I am not saying I want to compete with anyone, because most times why or what you are doing are incomparable, but because I know that if they can do it, then why can’t I? Which is why a lot of the time I feel very unmotivated at home, alone doing homework and readings in my basement. I have no one to give me a reality check and show me just how much I can push myself, and how well I can accomplish something.

That’s what I mean by are you an ambitious person? Does seeing others work hard to motivate you, or inspire you to do better than what you are doing right now? Think about it… it will increase your productivity, accomplish your tasks and goals, and overall it will make you feel better.

Thanks for reading! I hope this motivates you a little bit, and you get working on whatever needs to be done!

Have a wonderful day!


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! It is Thanksgiving in Canada today, which means turkey, too much food and giving thanks and being grateful.

The thing I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s not necessarily a religious holiday, and anyone who wants too can celebrate it! Giving thanks is something that can transcend all these categories we put ourselves in. It does not matter where you are, or who you are, if you would like to get together with someone, whether that be family, friends, or neighbors, to give thanks and have a meal then you easily can.

So today, I hope you give thanks and realize how lucky you are to be alive and here on this earth.

I just wanted to quickly say how thankful I am for all of you who are reading my blog, and for all the likes the posts have been getting, I am so grateful for you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Favourite Teas

Since Fall is upon us, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all some of my favourite teas. During the summer, I often forget about drinking tea, but the minute September and October roll around my love for tea returns. So here are a few of my favourite teas just to get you in the fall mood!

  • Earl Grey by Twinning’s
  • French Vanilla Chai by Twinning’s
  • Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange by Twinning’s
  • Chocolate Macaroon by David’s Tea
  • Earl Grey Crème by David’s Tea
  • Cardamom French Toast by David’s Tea

I do recommend that you give a few of these a try! But tea is preferences are based on personal tastes, and you really have to like the taste of teas in general. If you are just entering the tea world, try adding milk and sugar to your teas, to ease you into them. But now whenever I try new teas, I try them for the first time without adding any additional things to them, to see if I will like the taste or not. I recommend you do that only when you really love tea, and maybe not the first time as it might turn you off to tea.

Leave a comment down below with some of your favourite teas!

I hope you like these suggestions, thanks for readings and have a wonderful day!

Being Single

*Disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, you live your life the exact way you want to live it and feel exactly what you want to feel*

Out of a group of friends of mine, I am the only one to have never been in a long-term or serious relationship. I know they won’t question more into it because they know that I am a rather private person. But I know they wonder, how can you be a 19-year-old and not have been in a relationship yet? Most people would jump to the conclusion that its because I have insecurities, and I do, but that’s not the main reason. Some might just understand that I haven’t met someone who would be worth my time, which is true, but not the full reason.

You see after being single for so long and witnessing relationships around you and the downsides of them, relationships just seem to be… well downright terrifying. At which point I should probably explain why. Over time, I have learned how to become independent and be there when people need me to be. Because let’s face it, when a friend or someone close to you is in a relationship their priorities will change, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s a normal part of life. But when you’re the only one not on that bandwagon, you sort of have to learn how to depend on yourself at times. This is not to say that the people around me completely abandoned me or anything, but more that I knew what was to come and I wanted to make sure I would be okay.

So, throughout the years I learnt how be there for myself, when others had other priorities to attend to. And again, this isn’t some oh please pity me situation, because I never saw it as a bad thing. I became very private and kept many things to myself, because I thought that’s what it meant to be independent, to deal with things alone… and I know now that, that is not how you handle being independent or even how you should handle all situations. But habits are hard to break, and that habit has stuck around. So, when I did start dating someone, the thought of opening up to them, becoming vulnerable and breaking down this barrier I had spent so long reinforcing, scared me.

However, rather than do all that, I did what I did best, I ran and I dealt with it on my own. I did not want to be a burden, but nor did I want to explain to anyone that I was emotionally unavailable, but technically available in the dating world. Being single has not been a bad thing, and I honestly don’t think it is. I have had this journey of creating and finding myself, which I think everyone should experience. Which consequently led me to become very assertive of who I am and what I want, which intimidated people, and that did not help in how people perceived me, or how I perceived people perceiving me.

To sum it up, being single has advantaged me in ways some others may never get to experience, but it has also made me too independent, if that’s even a thing. And I am not saying that my way of going through life is necessarily right, or any other way is wrong. But I just wanted to show you how being single has its advantages and its disadvantages. And whether you are in a relationship or not, you are going to have to learn how to deal with the consequences that come from both situations.

Thank you and Have a Wonderful day!

The Idea of a Perfect Life

I believe that no one can ever achieve a perfect life, but we have perfect moments. But this is where it becomes a personal matter, since perfection is not something that is attainable, and it differs from person to person. But whatever you might think is perfect, I can tell you that the idea of a perfect life is false. No matter how many celebrities you claim to have a perfect life, even Beyoncé doesn’t live a perfect life.

Life was never meant to be perfect, it was always meant to challenge you, change you, make you think, push the limits and get out of your comfort zone. If you had this perfect life we all so desperately want, what would be the point? We would not want to improve ourselves or those around us, we would not have to help people, we would not even have any sense of community; looking at the bigger picture, we wouldn’t have this sense of humanity. Societies and communities are built on the fact that there is a common struggle, a need for people to come to together to help others. As crazy as it sounds, we need to lead imperfect lives to live life and have a purpose to keep going.

If we have automatically reached this perfect life, then there’s nothing to us or to our existence. We live this perfect life, but eventually, we would be part of this simple mind-numbing routine of doing nothing beneficial for ourselves or anyone else.

The perfect life can never happen, because then what would we want to attain? What goal would we have? What would our point be? An imperfect life gives us the chance to experience the good and bad of life, to try new things, to change ourselves and the world around us.

To me, at least, a perfect life sounds anything but perfect. I want the challenges, the good and the bad, the joy and confusion… I want the whole mess that life has to offer because then that means that I am alive and that I am living my life. And that I have control over my life, and that I can do whatever I want. The Perfect life would constrict me to this perfect life, with no room to try something else or another idea of the perfect life.

Thank you for reading, and leave a comment down below about your thoughts on a perfect life!

Have a wonderful day!!

How to Balance It All

I am by no means an expert when it comes to balancing things and people in life because honestly, I rarely have days where I can successfully balance it all. So, you might be questioning, why is this random person (aka me) going to give me advice on how to balance life, if she can’t balance her own life? And to that, I say, true, very true, but I have learned a thing or two about balancing life.

You see the way to balance life, is not to balance life. Completely contradictory, and extremely confusing, I know! But hear me out. We focus all our energy on making sure that the aspects of our lives are balanced. Whether that be work, friends, family, partners, hobbies, school etc. we try so hard to make sure that we can do everything and be everywhere at once. Now through all this chaos and craziness, we tend to forget about the one doing the balancing, aka you. Balancing life is supposed to make your life easier, but really you are bending over backward to please everyone else. Balancing does not actually do anything for you as a person, rather it makes you stressed and nervous to keep up with all these people, be on top of all your work or school work.

I am not saying that those things are bad, or that you shouldn’t do them, but I think it is wrong to think that you need to do them all at once, perfectly, with a smile on your face, all the time! Because realistically speaking, we put on a poker face, or a happy face, for those around us, not for ourselves. We balance people in our lives for the happiness of those people, not for ourselves. Now, this is not me saying you should all go and be selfish human beings, and focus too much on one thing, but rather I am saying that you balance everything in your life, with the idea of how it will help you or advantage you.

I am simply trying to look out for you. We have all been in those situations where we are trying to keep everything and everyone afloat, and happy, yet we are sinking in misery and feel like the world around us is crumbling. Don’t let yourself get to that point! Try to realize that life is about balance, but it’s at your pace, at your happiness, at your time, not what everyone else needs or wants.

So how to truly balance it all? There is no one perfect path or recipe for it, but I can tell you that if you start putting yourself before others, and care about your well-being, while you are trying to balance it all, things will turn out in your favour.

I know this might have sounded entirely selfish, but sometimes in life, we need to be selfish, to preserve ourselves and who we are. I hope you realize that you don’t always have to be Wonder Woman, or do 9348 things at a time… take it at your pace, balance as much as you think is a healthy level you.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!!

Why I Love Fall

People think that all Fall is about is Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, Uggs, and cute Instagram pictures. Why I do still love those things, fall has so much more meaning behind it. It used to be a time when you prepared your food and supplies for the upcoming winter. As time evolved, we had to do less and less of that, but my grandparents kept certain aspects of it whenever fall rolled around. My grandmother would begin conserving vegetables, and freezing everything and anything; my grandfather would make wine, and my mom and aunt would be preparing for Thanksgiving. All these activities meant that help was needed from the entire family, and the season would be filled with a lot of family time and bonding. My best memories come from those moments of picking apples from a tree in my grandparent’s backyard; or jumping into a pile of leaves after my dad has just raked them. And finishing off the day with warm soups, tea or hot chocolate, and a cozy movie.
Fall was essentially a feel-good movie, that played for a few months of my life. But as I got older, Fall started to become a time of stress at school, and not having enough time to involve myself in the same family activities I used to. Jobs and school can easily take its toll, and while I don’t necessarily have the same experiences as I used to have during the fall, I still try to look for the fall aspects in my busy life. Like how people are starting to dress warmer, the leaves are changing colour, the crisp freshness of the air, and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet… All those little moments keep the joy of fall alive for me when everything else around me gets too crazy to handle.
Fall, to me, is about finding the little moments of joy we so often take for granted or forget to realize.
Leave a comment down a below about your favourite season and what it means to you!!
Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

Sunday Night Routine

Sunday nights… I wish they could be as perfect as books make them seem, but unfortunately, they are filled with a sudden panic and trying to scramble everything together for the week ahead. I used to be exactly like this, and honestly some weeks I still am like this, but I have learned how to change that habit. What I love to do now is that on Sunday nights, I essentially get my life together! Today I am going to share with you all just what exactly goes into my Sunday night routine, and how it sets me off on the right foot for the rest of the week ahead!

What I first like to start by doing is, taking about half-an-hour and organize my life in my agenda. I will take a glance at the assignments, birthdays, occasions, meetings etc. that I have coming up that week, and make sure they are all scheduled in. After that is done, if it is the beginning of the month, like it is today, then I will make my monthly goals.

My monthly goals obviously change or are re-evaluated every month. I have 3 categories that I like to focus on, those of which are academic, personal and financial. Since I am a student, the academic goals are the most important, at least for me they are. I will look at what projects are due, what marks I want to achieve, any deadlines I want to set for myself etc. Then I will focus on personal goals for the month, which are honestly anything. For example, this month my personal goal is to do 31 days of blogging, starting with this blog post. And then we have financial goals; since I am a student, and live at home, I don’t pay many bills. But if you do, then this is the time for you to see when things need to be paid, and upcoming paychecks and such. What I do rather, is see my future paychecks to come, and how much I have in my bank account and budget how much I will be able to use for the week, and how much I want to have saved up by the end of the month.

After my goals for the month are done, I will just create small and short to-do lists under each day of the week, so they are ready for anything that pops up throughout the week, or I will already plan out what homework or studying I need to do when. This helps me procrastinate less, and avoid leaving everything for the weekend, where it will be physically impossible to accomplish all of it.

The last bits of my Sunday routine mostly have to do with self-care. This is usually the time I will make myself a cup of tea, put on some Gilmore girls and do a nice face mask. I wish I could do that every week, but sometimes I don’t have time… *sigh*

Also, I will preplan my outfits of the week according to the weather, and do some journaling. This allows me a few moments to just catch up with myself, and what my intentions or attitude is towards the week ahead.

That is my Sunday Night Routine! I hope you all enjoyed it, and will incorporate a few things into your own routines, or maybe start one of your own! Leave a comment down below about anything I could add that would make my Sundays even better!


Thank you and have a wonderful day!

18 Things I have Learned in 18 Years

It’s my birthday in a few days, which means I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Reflecting on my life in general, who I am as a person, the goals I want to accomplish, this blog… basically a lot of things. So I thought I would share 18 things I have learned in the past 18 years (let’s get real it took me forever to learn these lessons, so let’s say in the last 5 years…), here they are!

  1. You’ll break your own heart sometimes.
  2. Relationships take a lot of work.
  3. You have to earn what you want.
  4. Always set new goals.
  5. Be there, even if the other person can’t be there for you. They are also going through a rough time.
  6. It will get better, it just takes time.
  7. You will surprise yourself with how strong and capable you actually are.
  8. Life is not race.
  9. It’s okay if you are at different points of your life, compared to others your age
  10. Listen to your gut, even if it tells you something you don’t want to hear
  11. Don’t jump to conclusions about people or situations, there is more to it than meets the eye.
  12. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.
  13. Wear whatever you feel confident in.
  14. Only wear makeup if you feel confident with or without it.
  15. Being organized is key.
  16. Do everything you possibly can to be prepared, but the rest after that is up to fate.
  17. Commitments are scary, but you have to stick to them.
  18. Find a balance, it will be difficult, but you just got to keep working at it.

Here’s to being 19!!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!!

5 Things I Learnt This Summer- 2017

The end of summer is fast approaching, or maybe it has already ended for you. The end of summer usually is marked with the month of August, or back-to-school commercials, and preparations for the new chapter of your life that is awaiting you. We eat our last ice creams outside, on a gorgeous summer night with the sun setting in a way it only does in the summer. Whil trying to bottle up as much of that summer feeling as we possibly can.

Like every year, I am eager and excited to start the next school year. In a matter of 2 weeks, I will be starting university, and I am more excited than nervous. I know exactly what to expect, what I am expecting from myself, and what the experience will be like. I love that…I love knowing what’s up next, or whats coming; I love how I feel in control,  like I can prepare for everything I need to. This summer has challenged me in more ways than I had planned or anticipated for the summer. So here are a few things that I have learnt this summer, that I know I need to apply to the next chapter of my life.

This summer has challenged me in more ways than I had planned or anticipated for. So here are a few things that I have learnt this summer, that I thought would be perfect note to end the summer on.

  1. Life will throw you the most unexpected of things.

I am the type that needs to plan everything and be prepared for any scenario or outcome. I have always been like that, but this summer has taught me that I can try preparing for life as much as I want, things will still come up unexpectedly. Life has so many curveballs headed for you, some good and some bad… its a part of life is what I also learnt this summer.

2. Not every aspect of your life will be okay at the same time.

Trying to balance everyone and everything does take a toll on you, and most of the times you will beat yourself down for not being able to multitask that well. Don’t blame yourself, or think that something is wrong with you because creating the perfect balance never happens when everything is constantly changing.

3. Sometimes we can find peace of mind in the least likely of places.

I believe that every opportunity presented to you at a time in your life is there for a reason. This summer I felt I that I needed to, feel needed by others and that I needed to give back and help people. And I got the oppurtunity to do that, and I felt a part of my soul was being filled up, and that gave me the peace of mind that I needed.

4. Relationships need to be worked at…constantly.

I think I am not the only person to say this but I suck at relationships, in every aspect and every way. I thought that if one was going smoothly then I didn’t have to put that much energy into it, turns out, you still need to put as much energy into that relationship. In terms of relationships, I have also been learning, slowly and I mean very slowly, that it’s okay to share things with people.

5. You always have another option, it just might be the harder one.

You always have endless options, there are just some that will give you more of what you want. But those are also the ones that will affect your life the most, and the people around you. You need to know that in those moments,when those big decisions need to be made, you really have to put yourself as a priority.

This summer has definitely been one for the books, and I just wanted to share what I’ve experienced. So now feel free to leave a comment down below about how your summer was! Or what you learnt this summer that you think everyone should know!

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!


If you are anything like me, then you probably do everything in your power to avoid thinking about the harder issues that fill every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we find distractions randomly, and unexpectedly;Other times we methodically think and plan a distraction. Thinking about the hard questions we need ask ourselves, or the talks we need to have with ourselves, is a lot scarier and harder to do, than distracting ourselves from it.

But there will come a time when the distractions will end, or become frequent, and you won’t be as busy. And you won’t find another one for a little while… embrace that moment. That moment is the universe stopping you, because you have put off whatever has to be dealt with for far to long.   And now, it is time for you to face whatever needs to be faced.

And trust me, it will be hard, and scary, and terrifying. But I hope you take comfort in knowing that every single person on the planet needs to face things they don’t want to…and that someway or somehow, everything will be okay…


I know I have been gone for a while… in all honesty I needed a break. I was writing things I didn’t experience, and I only ever want to write things I have experienced, or that I feel, I can help others explain or understand similar situations. But this summer, during this very long break I have taken, I have experienced a lot more than I had ever expected, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Have a Wonderful Day!


I find that music is such a personal and specific preference, catered to everyone individually. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite type of music is, I have such a hard time answering, simply because I never actually fell into one specific type of music. If I like a song that I hear, from whichever genre, then I like it.

As I said,  music is very personal, I decided to share the 5 songs currently stuck in my head, in hopes that this lets you all get to know me a bit better!

  • Whistle (While You Work It)- Katy Tiz
  • Hunger- Ross Copperman
  • Most Girls- Hailee Steinfeld
  • Last Dance- Rhys
  • Hold on- Chord Overstreet

Please feel free to leave your top 5 songs of all time or right now, in the comments!

Have a wonderful day!

It’s okay to have a bad day

You’re not always going to have a good day.

You’re not always going to have a good week, month or year.

A lot of the time, life will take its toll on you.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to acknowledge what you are feeling. Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, stressed, nervous, insecure, tired, drained. Accept and feel these emotions. If it goes on for a while, these negative emotions, then start by talking to someone close to you. Then maybe getting professional help will benefit you.

One thing you always need to remember is that it’s okay to feel bad, and it’s okay to share that with others. Often we think that we need to keep everything inside and to ourselves because we will be a bother to those around us. But those who do truly care will not find it a bother, and they will listen. Opening up is hard, and sometimes feels impossible, but the least you can do is try.

I am sorry this isn’t optimistic or positive, but I just couldn’t come up with that attitude today.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

The misconception of summer

Often we have this misconception that summers need to be jam packed with endless nights and constant fun… which it can obviously have. Before summer starts we have this idea of what we want our summer to look like; we book our trips, and make the bucket lists and plan out our road trips. But when summer rolls, often times everything we had hoped for does not happen. Because being busy 24/7 is actually exhausting, and summer is meant to be a break from the chaos we experience the rest of the year.

Essentially, what I am getting at is that our summers don’t have to be picture perfect. We do not need to post the perfect Instagram and have our snapchat stories filled to the point where it’s annoying to watch. Whenever I do even the smallest thing with some people during the summer, they feel the need to document it all and post it on social media, to make it seem as if they are having the time of their life. And if you do that, then go ahead, there really is no problem with that. But we need to remember that, that life that they portray, that magical summer they are telling you they have, is not always necessarily true. Because they too will have those days or weeks where they stay home (no, just me? Okay…), those times when they just lazy around their pool, or the most exciting thing they’ve done in days is going for a walk! We spend so much time trying to show how exciting and wonderful our life may seem when in reality it isn’t.

And that’s okay! Because summer is meant to be relaxing, peaceful and calm! A time to get your life together, and rejuvenate for the next chapter of your life. It’s okay if your summer is mundane and regular and just normal. If you can handle an exciting and crazy busy summer then, by all means, go ahead! But if you can’t do that, then that’s okay too. You have to care and worry about your life, and your summer, and not what everyone else is posting online.

Summers are meant to be enjoyed, the weather is nicer, the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous, and we can eat an abundance of ice cream! Basically, summer is made for all these magical things happen that seem like nothing, but become memories that will last a lifetime.

You do not need to have these over the top trips to make our summer great, but really all we need are these little things that break our routine from everyday life, to enjoy our summers to the fullest.

Have a Wonderful Day!


An opinion. Probably one of the biggest causes of conflicts regardless of where you are, who you are, or your circumstances. Everyone has an opinion, and as I am sure you will all know they are shaped by the environment you grew up in and are currently living in. Now I am also sure that many of you know that the environment in which you grew up in is not the same one as your neighbors or even people in your family. And we all know that this leads us to have very different and diverse opinions that we have today in the world.

The issue with opinion nowadays is that people often feel as if they cannot voice their opinion because it has been condemned as wrong by another group. I am not supporting or giving a pass to extremist’s views and such, but rather, the opposing opinion between liberal-minded people and more conservative minded people, for example. This is a common opposition that we see a lot nowadays, and what both opinions have in common is that they like to say that the other opinion is wrong. Which is something you cannot say, why? Because we praise the fact that we have freedom of speech, and thought and religion, yet we do not like it when someone voices their opinion, which they are entitled too, and it does not match ours.

Which has been deemed as normal, as it is and was the reason for so many wars and conflicts past and present? Because one group said your wrong, and the other said no you are wrong.

When dealing with a group or person who has a different opinion, you need to keep in mind that they are shaped by their environment. Most of the time you will not have a single clue as to why people think the way they do. Even more so, that means that you need to respect them. They, like you, have lived and experienced the good and bad that life has to offer, and maybe they took it differently than you did, but that does not give you the right to tell them that they are wrong, or bad. And vice versa, they cannot tell you that your opinion is wrong or bad.

This is what I challenge you to do, the next time you are discussing anything really, and the person is saying the opposite of what you think or what you want to hear, pause for a moment and think about how that person most likely disagrees with your views. Think about how they were shaped in a very different way. When we do not take the time to understand someone else’s point of view, we are the “bad guys”. However, if you do try and take the time to understand an opposing point of view or opinion, you are creating peace, tolerance, and understanding, which are all things the world needs more of.

Instead of bringing hate and opposition in the world, bring open communication, compromise, and understanding. All values that no matter what opinion you have, you will want.

Top 4 Commencement Speeches

Graduation season is upon us, and to most, this is a time where we are standing at the edge of a chapter in our lives, awaiting a new chapter to commence! So in honor of this moment, and if you are not attending any graduations this year and still want to be inspired and motivated, I decided to share my top 5 commencement speeches that have inspired me the most.

Here they are:

I hope that you will listen to as many as you like, and take some advice from them. Perhaps they will push you to move into the next chapter or phase of your life, or give you the small piece of advice you need right now.

I just want to congratulate everyone who is graduating from high school, college, university, or finishing up a stage of their life. Good luck in the years to come, and move into the next chapter with an open mind and an open heart!

Have a wonderful day!


The Universe

My mom always said that what you send out into the universe, like your attitude or whether you are negative or positive, is what you will get back. For a long time, it simply went in one ear, and out the other, until it had become ingrained in my mind. Since then, I know this to be true; I know that if I send negative energy out into the universe and the world around me, then the universe will just reciprocate with the same negative energy. But if I began to send out positive energy into the universe, maybe it would actually send me back the same.

It may seem as if the universe is constantly against you, don’t worry I have been there and you are not alone in that line of thinking. Honestly, the only way that, that line of thinking ends is when you change the way you think.

Lately, I have been understanding more the idea that if you don’t get something, it’s because it was not meant to be, or maybe something better lies ahead. Believing in that concept is not an easy task, but you need to believe it anyway, why? Because clearly, the way you are thinking at the moment is not benefiting you in any way. As I mentioned earlier, negativity attracts negative, so if you start thinking positive, then you will attract positive! By having faith in the universe, let’s say that’s positive, the universe will reciprocate with what you need or want. And some still will be like well why hasn’t it happened yet? And I am here to say that I get you, it took me 2 years to find a part time job, and I wanted to just give up and not bother. But eventually, I got a job! I had faith, I was patient, and I believed that I would get a job. I send out positive energy in the form or hope and wanting a job, and the universe answered this.
This is why we have things such as the law of attraction, vision boards and everything in-between. We need to put our wishes, dreams, and hopes into the universe, and have faith that the stars will align for us.

And I understand entirely that thinking or believing in this is hard, but honestly, if you doubt this way of thinking, I am going to assume that your way of thinking is not doing you any good either. So try and send positive vibes into the universe, rather the negative ones you have been sending it out. I promise it will make a difference.

If you want more details and would like to explore this concept, then do check out The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it will change your life! (Also I believe there is a movie, but do read the book also!).

I hope that maybe this inspires you to change the way you see the universe, the world and yourself. And I promise it will pay off, you just need to have faith in yourself, and the universe, and a dash (okay maybe a cup full, of patience).

Have a Wonderful Day!

Saving Ourselves

Every day we are faced with challenges and obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, however, we get faced with things that are larger than our everyday challenges, and facing those challenges takes a lot more strength and courage. Before, and sometimes even now, I will push away those challenges or avoid them. Which is why you need people around you to push you to do those things. Because pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is not always easy, sure we do it a lot, but sometimes we need that extra push from an outside source besides yourself.

We have this idea nowadays that no one else can save us, and that we need to save ourselves from ourselves. Which is true in a lot of circumstances and situations, and it’s been proven every day. But there will be those times where you get into this headspace that you won’t even know you are in and it will be up to someone outside of yourself to save you. It doesn’t mean you are weak, or a coward, but just that you need that extra help or push to fix whatever is going wrong in your life.

We have this misconception that we can all save ourselves, but there are those rare moments when we really and truly need someone else’s help.


I’m sorry if this is all over the place, my brain has just been in this mood. But I just wanted everyone to know that we can accept help from people and that it does not make us weak or vulnerable.

Have a wonderful day!!


One of the underlying themes that run through every living thing is change. Change for a lot of people might just lead to the thing they always wanted or the thing they needed to get out of something horrible in their life. However, I understand why people think change is bad. There are times when our lives or whatever we have going on is so good, that we do not want to change anything. And the only explanation I could offer you as to why change even in the best times of our lives will happen is because of how circumstances and situations change. The perfect moment or situation will fade away because the best times don’t last forever and ever, and eventually, you need change to come along and offer you something different.

Sometimes to ease into the whole change thing, we need to start with the smallest of changes, which will make a big difference. Say, for example, little by little you start changing how or what you eat, eventually following the little by a little idea, you would have modified your entire diet. Another example, if you start incorporating small things of self-love or self-care into your daily routine, over time you will see that you become happier, maybe more focused or motivated. Small changes tend to help make Change in general, an easier and less terrifying process.

But then there are times when a change has to be big, and it happens with no will or warning. I think this is where change gets its bad reputation, the change we don’t see coming but was there on our path all along. And even though it might suck, and seem to be a horrible change, eventually it will give you an experience, a moment, an opportunity that you needed in life. All this to say that change in the time that it is happening seems absolutely terrifying and scary, but then something amazing will come out of it, you just need to have faith and believe that something good will come out of it.

So my dear friends, embrace change, because whether you like it or not it will be good for you somewhere down the line.

If you have any tips on how to deal with change, then please leave a comment down below, we need all the wisdom we can get!

Have a wonderful day!

Light in the Dark

These days we find ourselves surrounded by darkness, but we need to remember that when we unite together against that darkness, we are a bright light that cannot be extinguished. I thought I would share with you today some quotes that I read to remind myself that dark times come to an end eventually, and that light and hope can shine through.

“Dark times lie ahead of us, and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right”.- Dumbledore

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers to turn on the light”.- J.K. Rowling

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”.- Martin Luther King Jr.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness”. – unknown author

“Dark times won’t last forever”. – unknown author


I hope that you keep fighting, and keep being a bright light in the world…

Have a wonderful day!


I did not want to write that much today but I, of course, did want to get you thinking.

You have reached the half point of the year, and it might not feel like it, but tomorrow it will be June.

So, to mark half of the year over, let’s all take the time to look at our goals again, and just in general look at our life and see if certain aspects need to be improved or changed, or maybe you are on the right track. Whichever page you’re on, take a few minutes to refocus your energy, time, and hopes and dreams.

Think of it like a reset… Trust me it will do you good!

Have a wonderful day! See you Sunday!

The End– Spring Your Life Series

We have officially reached the end of the Spring Your Life series! Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope at least something I wrote about has helped you.

We will always have this voice of doubt sitting in the back of our minds, and pushing that voice away will be something that is going to test your strength. But the only thing that has gotten me through that is the fact that I see people my age, accomplishing so many amazing things, and we have the same tools and opportunities at our disposal, so why can’t I do what I want? Yes, there will be obstacles, but everyone faces obstacles every day of their lives. These obstacles are meant to test our strength, not stop us!

That little voice of doubt in the back of your mind will one day be overpowered by your conscious, and that day will only come when you decide that it needs to shut up. And that will never be easy, finding yourself, and figuring out your life will never be easy… and it might seem daunting and terrifying, but in the end, it will be worth it!

Because at the end of your life, you will remember all the people who mean more than life itself to you. You will remember all those times you failed, but got back up and how that made you stronger. You will remember how mistakes taught you lessons. You will remember people who have changed your life, and the lives of people who you have helped and cared for. To get to that point, it’s a long journey… that journey does not just happen, it takes a lot of hard work. To live an accomplished life means to live a life that is meaningful to you and only you. When you reach the end, I want you to say that you did everything you wanted, and got everything you hoped for out of it. I know it sounds cliché and all, but it’s most probably a cliché because everyone wants it.

I hope that through discovering yourself, your core values, your life goals, your priorities, and what happiness means to you, and being able to visualize it all has given you some of the necessary tools you will need to conquer the world.

As the Spring Your Life Series comes to an end for this year (I’ll be back with more next spring!), I just wanted to let you all know that these past few months have been difficult on my part and that this series was meant to help figure out my life, which I have to say it did help. And I hope it helped you also, I know it won’t fundamentally change your life because no one else can decide to do that but yourself, but I hope it helps kick start your decision…

And so I leave you, until my next post! I will continue to post the types of blog posts that were part of the Spring Your Life series throughout the year so I will make sure you keep getting your life together do not worry!

Thank you for reading, and Have a Wonderful Day!

Prioritising Your Energy

If you have one thing to give back to the world, it is your time and energy. The problem that many face is that they often lack the energy to do things, or to be around people. If you are experiencing this lack of energy and not enough time, maybe it is time you re-evaluate where your energy is going, and who it is going to.

Too often we spend time and energy on people who not appreciate us, or who do not reciprocate the same amount of energy we put into them. Which essentially leads to parts of your life becoming increasingly tiring, draining, and exhausting. When we do not distribute our energy to the right situations or the right people, we end up running out of it a lot quicker and that is not something we want in our lives. Which is why when we spring clean our lives, we also need to spring clean the people in our lives. I am not saying that you need to cut people out of your life, but you need to look at who deserves more of your energy compared to others. But if cutting people out of your life is necessary for your mental and physical health, and overall well-being then goes ahead and cut them out of your life.

Now how exactly do you know where your energy is going? First, we need to look at people in your immediate circle. I’m talking your core group of friends/boyfriend/girlfriend (say the 3-4 main best friends in your life) and your family; think about how each of their relationship with you is like, and you will slowly start to see that maybe someone hasn’t been putting much energy into you as you have into them, or vice versa. The thing about these immediate groups of people is that we often get offended when they aren’t always giving us constant attention, and not the same amount of energy is being reciprocated. You need to keep in mind that people are having tough times and that at the moment they might need you to put more energy into them, and maybe not have it reciprocated fully at the moment.

Next look at your larger group of friends, these people do matter to you, but if you are giving them more energy and attention, without it being reciprocated, then your immediate circle, then I suggest re-evaluating what that person means in your life. And these are a group of friends, whether they are class friends or work friends, they are friends of circumstance. You all happen to be in the same place and situation, so why not make it fun and bearable. Which is totally cool and all, but realistically the chances of you hanging onto them for life is minimal—though it can be possible. Anyway, when it comes to your larger group of friends, give them some of your energy, but not all of it, or as much as you would for your immediate circle.

As I addressed a little earlier, cutting people out of your life is tricky business. And sometimes you might regret it, and it might hurt; ending a friendship is not something that just happens or smooths by you. When we cut people out our lives, we first need to think why we are doing this? Is there anything that you can work out with them? Have you tried talking to them and they still don’t change anything? Eventually, you will reach a point where you realize that this person is a great a person, but is not a good person for you and your mental or physical health. This is where people might be confused because just the way someone is with you does not define them entirely. If they are a certain way with you and you have a toxic relationship with them, it does not necessarily mean they are seen like that by everyone else. Once you reach that level of understanding that this person does not help you or contribute to your energy or life, and understand that they still are a great person, then you will finally become mature enough to cut people out of your life. But unfortunately, getting to that point is not easy.

Prioritizing your energy is one of the most important things that you can do. I have no doubt that it will be hard, but there comes a certain point where you will have to do it for your well-being.

I hope this helped you, and if you have any comments of suggestions for everyone out there, please feel free to leave them down below!

Also, thank you to the 10 followers I have on my blog!!!! I know the number seems small, but it honestly feels like a huge accomplishment and pushes me to keep going forward. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Vision Boards

Welcome to another blog post of the Spring Your Life series, and today we are going to talk about vision boards!

Why make a vision board? Some people feel like it is a bogus thing that does not actually do anything… Trust me I was one of those people, but after I made one, you look at them differently. If they are done properly, and with the right intentions, something good can come out of it. SO today I decided to guide you through the process of making a vision board.

A vision board is meant to visualize the life you want, it can be long term or short term, or in my case, it can be for something specific, like this blog.

Before you actually start assembling your vision board you need to sit down and think about what you really want. People will often feel embarrassed about what they want in life because others will not understand, so I am telling you to ignore this, or any commentary from other people for that matter. You need, to be honest with your vision board, because it’s the only way you’ll reach a clearer vision of what you want out of life.

So after you have established what you want on your vision board let’s get to creating.

Step 1: After you have thought out your vision, just loosely draft the design of it on a piece of paper so you can get a general sense of what it will look like.


Step 2: Gather all the supplies you will need.

  • Cork board or Poster
  • Thumbtacks or glue or tape
  • Pictures (from magazines or the internet)
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Any cut out of words or quotes
  • Any additional touches of décor you would like to add to your vision board, like stickers or pom poms


Step 3: Assemble the vision board! Have fun with this process and be creative as you want! In the back of your mind, remember the significance of each thing being placed on the vision board, and why it is important that is there.

Step 4: Now that it is assembled, think… is this what you want out of life? Is this how you envision it to be? Hang it somewhere where you will see it every day, whether that be your room, office, den, living room etc. This will be a constant visual reminder to your brain and give you a sense of direction or purpose on days where you feel as if you have none.

20170520_120237 (1)

Remember that vision boards can change and will change. It is important to check in every 6 months to a year to make sure it is up to date with how you are.

Have fun and enjoy!

Happiness– Spring Your Life

For today’s Spring Your Life series, we are going to talk about happiness!

I had an entire post written about happiness, but it did not seem genuine. Lately, I’ve been feeling nostalgic, happy and excited, so I thought what better time to write about happiness!

Yesterday, I ran into an old math teacher of mine. I despise math class or anything to do with math, but honestly, he is probably one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Around this time of year, towards the end of the semester, a lot of people are asking what’s next in your life.  He indeed did ask that, to which I answered that I am going to University in the fall, to study Political science. Instead of just saying “oh that’s great”, he looked me dead in the eyes and said “Is that what you want? Is that what makes you happy?” and without hesitation, I answered, “yes, of course”. He smiled, and in response said “good, you should live your passion every day of your life. Don’t do something because someone else told you to, you’re going to end up living a miserable life if you do”.

I can already hear people being like not everyone has the luxury or the circumstances to live their passion. And honestly, I believed that too for a long time, until I realized the kind of life my teacher had been living. He said that he has been married for over 47 years, happily, and has been living his passion (aka math) for the past 50 years. I would say he is now in his 70s, and if he can be that happy, and that content with his life, it can only mean one thing! If you want to be happy, then you need to do what you want to do, and follow your passion, regardless of what others might think.

Happiness is not some complicated state of being that rarely anyone can reach, rather it is a decision you must make every day. And it is understandable that there will be challenges and hard times in your life, but that does not mean you can’t choose happiness when you can. There is no secret to happiness, the only way you can achieve happiness is to live it every single day. Choosing happiness is not easy, especially in circumstances that we can never see or be happy, but that just means you have a more complicated decision to make. There are obviously exceptions to everything, but if you can, always and I mean always, choose to be happy and live your passion. With the hopes of getting everything, you wanted out of life.


Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

Spring Your Life– Get to Know Yourself

Who are you? What do you like? What do you dislike? Any hobbies? These are the questions that freak me out the most, why might you ask? Because I never have a straightforward, simple and true answer. Every time someone asks me these things, I quickly turn the conversation around, for the fear that they will find me boring, or give up trying to understand my jumbled words.

Today we are going to cover three things, all about who you are! First, we’ll look at discovering who you truly are, then move onto accepting who you are, and lastly be confident while being your true self. Let’s begin, shall we?

Whenever you ask me something as simple as my favourite colour, it becomes some sort of repeated answer. For the past decade, I have been saying that my favourite colour is purple, which it hasn’t been since about 7 years ago. So why do I still say it is? Well because it is easy and simple to just regurgitate something you already know, even if it isn’t true. Because quite honestly my favourite colours are any shade of blue! But I don’t tell people that! Why? Because the last time I apparently sat down and thought about who I was and what I liked, was apparently a decade ago.

So what we need to do is sit down and just ask yourself the really stupid questions, we have never thought to update about ourselves. I mean we update physical things like our closet, or room, or house, but never what’s on the inside and who we are.

Here are some basic easy questions, which surprisingly enough you might not easily know the answers to.

What is your favourite meal?

What is your favourite colour?

Dream vacation destination?

White or Black?

Half full or Half empty?

Bath or Shower?

What’s your favourite song of all time?

Movies of TV shows?

These seem like basic questions, but answering them all truthfully takes a few minutes (obviously there are exceptions). For the longest of time, and even now, I have a hard time knowing what I like and don’t like.

By getting to know the little things about yourself, it will be easier when it comes time to meet someone new or to make a bigger decision.

Next is accepting who we are, which I will admit can be very difficult. We have changed, but sometimes what we like and don’t like have also changed, and admitting that part is a lot of shifting and change in your life to handle. You need to start by not caring what others will think of you if that is where your mind goes immediately. Because honestly they are not living your life, and they should have no effect on who you are and what you want of don’t want! Accepting yourself and all the little things isn’t easy, but it’s something you will always need to work on, and it takes time, and that’s okay. You take as much time as you need.

Now that you have accepted who you, show it! You should feel empowered and comfortable in who you are, and you need to show it! Being confident and empowered is one of the best feelings in the world, it really feels as if you are on top of the world. I know standing tall and being confident is hard, and this won’t likely happen every day. But on those days that you feel like you have an extra pep in your step, take advantage, and be proud of you who are! You are a fantastic human being, which so much to offer to this world, and you are just amazing!! Don’t hide it!

Now go figure out who you are, because showing off who you truly are, is the best thing you can do for the world!

Have a wonderful day! I’ll see you next time for another blog post in the Spring Your Life series!


Just write.

Write for the sake of writing.

Write when you’re bored, mad, happy, angry, sad.

Write when you’re on top of the world!

Write when you have fallen to the ends of the world!


Write because its the only way you’ll feel better.


P.S. I’ll be back with the Spring Your Life series tomorrow! Don’t you worry, we still have a lot to discuss!

Spring Your Life– Goals

We’ve established our values and priorities, and now it’s time for a bit of soul searching, so buckle up!

Today we are going to discuss goals, and this can be life goals, or daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am a firm believer that when we have a deadline or a goal, then our mind starts setting up to get to that point.

People believe that goals can only be created once a year, around the time of New Years. But I am here to tell you that, that is complete bullshit. You can’t time your spontaneous life around one time of year. There will be times, even the most random of times, where an idea or concept will come to your mind, and you might not seize the idea because it’s not the time of the year to think of new things. Yes, New Year’s resolutions is a great place to start, but it is not the only place to start. Creating goals does not have a time constraint, it can happen whenever. So how about after reading this… seems like the perfect time?

Back to the point! Let’s look at how we create goals. We need to begin by dreaming big, and I mean big. People forget that everything around us was created by people who dreamed big, who were ambitious and had goals! You’ll hear the excuses that it was all luck, but did you ever think that no one can be that lucky? Yet they still have all that… Want to know how they did it? They made their own luck and opportunities. And how do you do that? Well first off, you will need a goal to reach. Going through life without any goals is like wandering in a vast field with nothing in it. Moral of this story, dream big. Might sound delusional, but everyone who has done it, and gave it their all and has never stopped, have accomplished their goals.

Now we need to come up with our goals. So take a few moments and think about what you would love to do in life? Maybe it’s a specific career you want, maybe it’s to open your business or even smaller things. Honestly to begin, think of a weekly or monthly goal, and then your work your way up to larger goals. I’ll give you an example, this blog. It has been a goal of mine for a while, and I stopped at one point, but recently I picked it back up. Now I write about things that I would want to read, and I have a goal with this blog.  I want this blog to help people going through rough times, bring brightness and the sunshine to people, and to send positive vibes to the internet world. Once I knew which direction I wanted to take, my blog was revived and honestly so was I, because I had created a purpose for myself. So take a few minutes and think about what you want out of life, want you to want to accomplish or fulfill!

I also want you to find something that will set your inner spark on fire, and make it like the Olympic flame, which never goes out! You need to create goals that motivate you and push you, but ultimately inspire you every day.

So hopefully by this point, you’ve thought of a goal, and now you need to break it down and plan out everything you will need to do to accomplish it. Soon, I also recommend putting a time limit if you can, on your goal. So create a plan, and all the steps, no matter how small, that you will need to reach your goal.

There you go, you have created a goal, a sense of determination! Don’t you feel the tiniest bit motivated, energized, refreshed even? Remember though, goals through times will change because you will also change. I recommend, every few months re-evaluating long-term goals, and adapting them to your specifications. Don’t change them every day, but looking them over will you keep you in a good direction, and make sure it’s still what you truly want.

Goals can be scary, but they are there for you to make sure you live a fulfilled and happy life that you want. So go out into the world and do everything you possibly can to build the life you want!

Have a Wonderful day and go Conquer the World!

Spring Your Life– Priorities

Welcome to the second chapter of the Spring Your Life series, where today we discuss priorities!

I will be the first person to admit that 90% of the time I have my priorities out of whack. Priorities are hard to prioritize, and they are constantly changing, even on a day to day basis. Some days you might prioritize your family over friends, or some chill time over homework. The downside to priorities is that we never know the consequences that follow, those decisions until it’s too late. But, once we understand and accept our priorities, then those consequences will be easier to manage and handle.

First things first, everyone is going to be at different times and stages of their lives, which means that everyone’s priorities are going to be different. Honestly, this is something that took me a long time to understand, and I know quite a few people who still do not understand this. Sometimes people are going through things in their life, or have things they find more important to do. It does not mean they do not care about you, or that they don’t want to do something, they just have a different agenda or priorities than you do. And unfortunately, you might lose people along your life because you seem to have your priorities out of order. Which is something that comes with being human, and trying to live your life, it’s not an amazing thing, but it is necessary.

But today, we’re going to focus on how to prioritize things and people in our life. If you want, the value exercise done in the Values blog post in the Spring Your Life series can help you make a list of your prioritize. Let’s start with some basics, I will always prioritize my family first, regardless of anything. Now remember this is not the case for everyone, and respecting that aspect about someone in any kind of relationship is key to making it work. Then you can have friends; which some people also subdivide into most to least importance. Now you might think that is kind of mean, but actually, it’s healthier for you, and you are putting energy into those who you care about the most, and who care about you. There are 3 people in my life that I will prioritize (in terms of friends) above a lot of other people. Some may say that’s rude and mean, but think of it to the idea that people can only count their friends on one hand. There will always be other friends, and not having them at the top of your priority list will not make you a bad person, but they just are not as essential to your life as others.

Another thing that we often need to prioritize comes out more in the academic, or career aspects of our lives. When we make lists (I’m a to-do list addict), we tend to just pile on things, no matter how important of insignificant the task is. Therefore, making our to-do list seem longer, and we never get to the end of it, or feel accomplished at the end of the day because we never did the important things. What you need to do, as well as your to-do list, is create a priority list. Example, you have a huge paper due in a few days, then that should go on your priority list; if you need to wash some towels, maybe put that on your to-do list, since it’s not an emergency to get done. Priority lists are meant to narrow out all the little things that you would do anyone, and make you pay attention to the things you absolutely need to do.

I hope you guys are starting to get interested in the Spring Your Life series, stay tuned for the next post which will be on Goals and all about goal setting!!

Leave a comment down below if you are an avid to-do list maker, or if you have any tips for prioritizing people in your life!

Have a wonderful day!


Spring Your Life– Values

Welcome to a new series I am starting called: Spring Your Life

Since it is finally spring, and the snow has officially disappeared and will not be returning for a few months, I decided it was time to do some spring cleaning, except not as in cleaning my house or room (I should probably do that though…), but more like spring cleaning my mind and re-evaluating my life. And I thought why not create a series on my blog, so if you feel like you need a fresh start, then you can follow along with me!

The first thing we need to focus on is our values. I never had a set of values before a few weeks ago when I sat down and decided I needed to figure out what defines and shapes my morals and ethics and such. So I decided to google how to find my values, and essentially I choose a bunch from a list and wrote them down. But obviously, a huge list is not ideal, and you don’t prioritize all those values the same.

So what you should do right now, is make a list of all things you value, they could be short phrases but one word is preferable.

Here are some examples:

  • Education
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • Gratefulness
  • Fairness
  • Religion
  • Hospitality
  • Passion
  • Fun
  • Freedom
  • Confidence
  • Competition
  • Ambition
  • Hardworking
  • Generous
  • Balance
  • Curiosity

If you need more ideas, then just google list of values and you will get a ton, these are just examples to get you started.

So now that you have a list of let’s say more than 10, it is time to put those in order of most important to less important.

Now take the top 3-5 values on your list, and read them over. Do they seem like things that can be your core values? Do they describe who you are? Do they make sense to you?
Some of you might be looking at your list of values, and seem confused. Maybe because it was not what you thought it would be, or maybe because you feel a bit ashamed about your choices. And to that I say, never be ashamed of your values. And do not let anyone else judge you or criticize you for your values. You are living your life with obstacles and challenges that no one else faces the same way you do. And if you feel that these values are a bit off, take some time to reflect on why they are a bit off, and try the exercise again.

Now you are probably wondering, why on earth did I make you just have an existential crisis, but it is with good intentions. These core values are meant to guide your life and your decisions. Every time you do something or say something these values should be in the back of your mind. When it comes to prioritizing aspects of your life (blog post on that coming soon), these values will play a huge role. For a long time, I could not prioritize or even make decisions properly, because I had no foundation of my life.

These values are just one part of the foundation of your life, and I recommend you re-evaluate these values maybe once or twice a year. Because as you change, so will your values.

I am not saying that these values will be the sole things you care about or value, they aren’t. But they are a great start to the re-evaluating your life process that we are on.

Feel free to leave any questions you might have about the series, and or about values in general! Leave a comment down below with any values you might have!


“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

  • Put in the hard work and effort, and you’ll go far in life.
  • Play your cards right, and make the right connections and you’ll go far in life.
  • Be patient and just tough it out, and eventually you’ll get where you need to go.

All those statements are not necessarily false, but they are not exactly true. And the previous statement is in itself terrifying, yet a relief at the same time. Unfortunately, we live in a world where things are not that easy; where getting a job after university is extremely hard, and if you do not have enough degrees you are not qualified. We live in a world of contradictions, and apparently, we are just supposed to be okay with that.

We now live in a world where to be successful you need to be self-made and you need patience. Nothing has ever come to people immediately, everything takes time. We need to understand that just like our ancestors if you want to make it at the top, you need to start at the dirt bottom. We need to have the crumby horrible paying jobs, and sometimes work 2-3 jobs at a time. And slowly we can enter into a career related job.

We now live in a world that you need to be able to teach yourself and do anything that is thrown at you. No more of the one job for the rest of your life, and do the same thing every day; you need to be prepared for anything, the minute you walk into your job.

The statements above are true, but a lot of things in this world is based on luck. Some will be luckier than others and some of us won’t be as lucky or fortunate. This is not me telling you to just call it quits, but this is me telling you to go and find your own luck.

Or better yet, create your own luck. We live in a world where if you want an opportunity you need to go make one because there aren’t enough for everyone. We live in a world where if you are reactive nothing will happen, you need to proactive and run after you want.

Lately, I’ve been evaluating my life, and I am probably the first person to admit that I am very reactive. If I want something I will not run after; I will not jump on the wagon that will maybe bring me to the train station that might take me to an airport to catch the plane of my dreams.

We have lost our hunger and curiosity, if we don’t have those things, how one earth will we accomplish our dreams and goals? So for the first time, I finally understood the quote by Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish.” We lost this inner hunger and desire because we just lost all hope.

But that can change! That craving for life and experiences are things that we all have inside of us. You need to dig deep and find it, and then it will be as if a flame has been lit inside of you.

So take a few moments and reevaluate your life… seriously it will help.

Have a Wonderful day!


For a long time, I believed that if you did not have a set path in mind, then you would inevitably go nowhere in your life. To me, not having a specific career, school, program or even your classes planned out, meant that you were doing something wrong, and you were setting your life up to be a mess. It was not until my life path was under major construction that I understood how wrong I was.

Awhile back I got a pen that said “Not all who wander are lost”, and I just took it as a cute pen and moved on. Recently, I used that pen again and the way I read it did not just pass over my head if anything it became the comforting words I needed to hear.

I recently applied and got accepted into university, but I still have no idea what I want to do. There is this stress that, before going to the next level of schooling, you need to know exactly what you’re doing for the rest of your life; and that only going into what you like is a waste of time and money. I believed this for the longest time until I was put in the position where I had to decide another life move. One that would yes change my life, and yes the one that will affect my opportunities, and future choices. But I did what I thought was best, I did what I wanted to because even if I do wander, I am not lost. I can always go back, or take what I know and do something else.  Most of us are extremely privileged in that we can change our course of life a lot easier; we have also learned to adapt quicker and have embraced transitions.

I’ve come to accept this wandering time, even though I have no idea where it will lead me. If you are in a period of your life where you do not know what to do, go with your gut. And if you end up wandering, that is entirely okay. Wandering helps we find the things we needed to but wouldn’t be able to if we didn’t. Wandering helps us understand the deepest corners of ourselves, and of the world.

So go out into the world, and wander.

5 Tips for Starting off the New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018! For some, 2017 was a rough year, and others it was the best year of your life, or if you are anything like me it was a mix of both. Regardless of that, the beginning of a new year evens the playing feel, and we all get the same clean slate. Many people find it the whole “new year new me” a cliché and I don’t disagree with them, but they forget that it’s the chance or opportunity that many have been waiting for. For those who are willing to see the new year as another chance, then stick around!

Today I am going to share 5 things I like to do when transitioning into a new year. Throughout the rest of the month, I will share more posts centered around the new year, goal setting, and starting off on the right foot. But for today, let’s just start with the small steps

  • Be Honest with Yourself

You are about to end a  year, and this is probably the best time to tie up loose ends from the previous year. Reflect on what happened, because often we think the year was nothing or uneventful, but when we sit down and think about it we realize just how crazy your year was. Think about the good, the bad, the decisive moments, the times you failed or achieved something. Remember all those funny and embarrassing moments and those times when you didn’t quite feel yourself. These things have shaped who you are going into 2018, and you need to fully accept they happened, and move on from the ones that were not a positive influence. What this helps to do is show you how much you have changed, and you have not even realized it.

  • Establish who you are

The last point perfectly leads into this tip. You need to establish who you are, a lot has changed since the last New Years. Take this time to see how strong you have become. Maybe you have become more confident, or clever, or kind. Or maybe some situations have led you to lose confidence, or become bitter and please know that it is not necessarily a bad thing, life tends to wear people down. If that is what happened then think of 2018 as a chance to maybe not be as bitter or to work towards gaining back your confidence. Perhaps you are content with how 2017 changed you, and if you are then head into 2018 with full force. But before you enter into the new year, evaluate who you are and what you are made of. You are all tough, confident, kind, generous, lovely people. It’s just a matter of finding that part of you that life has pushed away. But I believe that if I can, or anyone else can, so can you.

  • Buy an Agenda

Once the self-evaluation is over, its time to get working. Take that new-found energy and put it to good use. And the first thing you should do is buy an agenda, it doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive one (like I bought, but I honestly love and cherish that thing), it can even be from the dollar store. What matters is that it has a page and the correct dates for the year in it.

  • Plan

Now that you have a new agenda its time to get planning (I will do a more in-depth blog post about this and goal setting later in the month). Planning is half of the job, but once you plan out your goals, your appointments, and daily to-dos you will feel so much better. The mess that has been swimming around in your head is now down on paper and you can visually see this mess, and see what is worth being there and what you can just throw away. I always say, plan, plan, plan and plan some more. Planning eases us when we are stressed and anxious, as well as makes us more organized. But do remember that with all this planning you need to be flexible, and you need to be able to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Plan a lot, but keep an open mind.

  • The ‘New Year Phase’ does not Define your Entire Year

So often we forget that a year has 12 months, 365 days, and a whole lot of hours. So much can change, you can change so much, everything can take a 180 in an instant! If you get to a point and you realize that the goals or new years resolutions you set at the beginning of the year don’t align with you or your situation now, its okay to re-evaluate them. It does not mean you are a quitter, or lazy, it means you are being responsible and seeing what works best for you and not anyone else, or whatever society dictates. As well, if you get to the end of next year and didn’t have the year you expected just remember that you did your best and you gave it you’re all. That’s what matters the most at the end of it all, that you didn’t give up and you kept pushing forward.

For the rest of the month, I will be sending positive vibes, motivations and more your way! Have a wonderful year, and keep going! You got this!!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Reality Check

Life will slap you in the face, and you will never see it coming.

I’ve had numerous slaps in the face (basically, reality checks), whether it be from school, family, friends, money or even work. I thought that these reality checks were finally done and that it happened once and that was it. Except, it had to continue because we take forever to realize what is right in front of us.

Its been years, and I didn’t realize that certain people were not good friends for me, and do not need to be in my life. Yet time and time again, I forgot that these people were not good for me. Reality did what it does best, and made sure that I remembered how these people were, or else I would’ve steered myself in a horrible direction.
Reality once again hit when it came to my family, and how I didn’t spend enough time with them. I was letting life go by, and not seeing my family, and when they expressed how upset they were, I didn’t understand why. It’s only when I was forced to look at the situation from their perspective that I realized that I needed my family because they are my support group and that they needed me since I am part of their support group. But I needed a slap in the face from life to remember that.

These are only a few examples, but if you pay attention life is constantly sending you these warning signs. It’s a blaring loud noise, yet we claim not to hear it because we never pay attention. These reality checks make us realize how inattentive we are to our surroundings, those around us and the world. These reality checks are meant to have us take a step back and realize that the rest of the world is moving and going on and that we need to be part of that.

If everything in your life has been going wrong or flying by too fast, or you believe everything is perfect, take a step back. You need to wake up and realize that there’s something wrong if everything is crumbling around you. Or if you don’t notice where the time is going, and that you think everything is perfect when really you fail to see the areas of your life that desperately needs improvement. Remember that this isn’t a bad thing, it’s a way to make your life truly better, and not just a cover up your life with the idea that everything is okay.

Life has been sending you all these warnings, and if you haven’t noticed them, then take this blog post as your need for a reality check.

I hope this helps one of you!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading!