Every person you see or encounter was once a child. They had dreams, hope, and motivation to create the life they wanted for themselves.  As we all know, not all of us will reach the potential we have. But just because it isn’t reached by a certain age, or in a  certain time in our life, it doesn’t mean that we lose that potential. The potential that you had as a child, teenager or any age really doesn’t just disappear into oblivion. What we tend to do is push it aside and pretend it’s gone. We are often told that we can do anything we want in the world, which I agree with. But not many tell you how many times you will fail along the way, and instead of admitting that you failed and getting yourself back up, people claim that they lost their motivation and potential.

People fail for a number of reasons. What I mean by failure here is when you do not get track up when you have been knocked down. Being knocked down doesn’t necessary mean you have failed at life, but it’s life testing you. See them as surprise tests that happen much more than we want them to, with no exact date or syllabus attached. when we fail these tests, life can sometimes be nice enough to give us some leeway, and this is when we need to examine what went wrong, to question everything around us and reorganize so it doesn’t happen again. Those who truly achieve, in my opinion, are those who persevere through this point of questioning, which might be some of the hardest things you’ll have to do in your life.

I’ve been pushed to the ground, maybe not as harshly as others but I definitely have. And sometimes I did give up, but there was always this little voice at the back of my mind that said don’t give up prove them wrong. Well, that’s how I interpreted it, and that neither is a  good mentality to have. What you should be thinking is let me prove to the part of myself that said I couldn’t do it. One thing people have to understand about the world is that it doesn’t care about you, simply because everyone is too busy thinking about themselves. The wars that are fought every second are ourselves vs ourselves. They happen every second of every day, to every person on this Planet.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, quite often you’ll run out of lemons and will somehow in the worst conditions, learn how to grow a lemon tree. And if you can manage to do that, then you,  my friend, have not given up, and for that I congratulate you.

You never lose the potential you once thought you had, it’s always there waiting to be found again.



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